Come Servirlo


Marche Rosso
Typical Local Product (IGT)


 70% Sangiovese, 20% Montepulciano and 10% Canaiolo blend, this special wine is made from hard-skinned wholesome grapes grown in well-exposed vineyards located near the winery in the Castorano and Offida area.

All grapes undergo a carbon soaking process which matures the wine
in just 30 days after harvesting.

Tasting notes: this garnet red wine has a mellow well-balanced taste and an intense winey bouquet with
a fragrance of strawberries,
cherries roses and violets.

Gastronomic notes:
excellent with typical dishes from the Piceno cuisine, such as spaghetti in a tuna and olive sauce, stuffed pasta
and swett-and-sour stockfish.

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