Come Servirlo

Gambero Rosso
A. I. S.
(Ascoli's dew=rugiada, hence its name)

Offida Pecorino
Certofied D.O.C.

his selected wine is a unique blend of Pecorino and Sauvignon grapes, skilfully grown in Colle Due Pini vineyard and carefully selected.

The wine undergoes a special
16-hour soaking. This wine-making process gives the wine its intense bouquet, delicate and persisting.

Thanks to its remarkably dry, fresh flavour, its strong fruity bouquet and its intense, fragrant taste, this unique, sophisticated full-bodied wine is suitable throughout the meal. Its production is limited, due to the lengthy, painstaking work it takes.

This wine is therefore appreciated by our most demanding customers and connoisseurs and embodies the true essence of the Offida territory.

It is especially suited to special dishes and special events; perfect  for tasting.

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